I was raised in and around the foot of Lake Michigan. My earliest influence stems from my grandfather's Magna Doodle drawings of WWII ambulances. I have lived and worked in Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Iron River, MI and Portland, OR. 

I currently live and work in San Francisco, California. 

I believe in the compulsion to investigate what we really think is real, to come back to the tribe and say this is what the world feels like to me. The artist is a subjective revealer of hidden information. 

I produce work that aims to encourage inclusivity in an insular world, with a specific ideal to promote and sustain curiosity. 

There is a responsibility to bridge the chasm between artist and bewildered spectator; narrow the distance. Strange objects become compellingly real. Each time we collide with the real, we deepen our understanding of the universe and become more fully a part of it.

Emotionally charged objects stay alive within the memory. The work I create serves as mood facilitation, an ongoing practice of contemplation and humor.